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City of the Sun..

” The food , the shopping , the culture and the people make Malaysia my favourite Asian destination “

I have spent a lot of time in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur and everytime I visit I find more to fall in love with. Malaysia is a very unique place it’s a progressive muslim country with a fusion of the Chinese,Indian and Malay cultures. If you visit the capital you with have no problems with communicating with the friendly locals as most use English as a bridging language to connect to each other. The first thing you will notice about the country in the heat, it’s pretty much hot all year round ,so you will probably need to take refuge in one of their many air-conditioned shopping malls until you adjust to the environment. 

The shopping is only one reason to visit this amazing city, the amazing food will have you traveling home with your belt one notch larger. My first visit to Kuala Lumpur was just for a a 8 hour layover on the way home from Thailand a few years ago , I found the commute from the KLA-2 terminal to the city center was so simple when I jumped on the MRT , WiFi enabled  carriages made it easy to research things to do on my excursion. I visited one of the Amazing shopping Malls and spent so much money ,  then decided to treat myself to a traditional Malaysian Nasi Lemak , It was like the first time I heard The Beatles, It changed everything.

Currently my Passport has more stamps from Malaysia than any other country, it’s an easy process to get through customs and for Australian visitors no visa is required. It’s only around a 9 hour flight from East Coast Australia and even less from the West. Air Asia has it’s Asian hub at the KLA-2 complex in Kuala Lumpur so it’s a great landing point on the way to explore greater Asia.Depending on the time of year ,I can fly from the Gold Coast Airport to Malaysia for around $500 return usually which is around the same amount as a domestic flight to Sydney.

What to Do in Kuala Lumpur

The Twin Towers - Petronas Towers , a must see when In Kuala Lumpur
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The Amazing Batu Caves, A truly stunning experience.

If you are visiting for just a day or you are staying 2 weeks , you will never run out of entertainment and fun. The exchange rate is roughly $1AU- RM 3 , which really helps your dollar go further , but there really is a activity for any budget. If I was visiting for a short trip I would Highly recommend a trip to the Petronas Towers in central Kuala Lumpur ,you really need to see them to believe it , they are surrounded by lush green parkland and a beautiful reflection pool , it’s the perfect place to sit and people watch .While you are there make sure to check out the amazing shopping precinct all of your favorite High Street brands are there as well as some amazing local stylish boutiques .

The Batu Caves are a real sight to behold. Thousands of visitors each day climb the 271 odd stairs to see the amazing caves and marvel at the Hindu Idols. The monkeys that guard the caves will keep you entertained for hours, I literally spent over an hour taking pictures of the monkeys and wishing I could sneak one into my backback.

Travelling around the city is easy , I always use a Ride-Share services rather than Taxi’s or public transport, but that is a personal choice and I hear the public transport is great. You must visit Little India and China Town when you visit it’s a thriving market place and the food is exceptional , I spend most of my time Bukit Bintang , it has a real life about it and if you want to experience a great night out this is the place , I have spent many nights at roof top bars in the precinct drinking Long Island Ice Tea and then at then enjoying an amazing curry at 2am at one of the amazing 24 hour Cafe’s.

It truly is an amazing place to visit, If you are thinking about visiting Vietnam ,Thailand of  China do yourself a favorite and spend sometime in Malaysia on the way.


My Top 5 Things to Do...

1. The Batu Caves

2.National Mosque of Malaysia

3.Petronas Twin Towers – KLCC

4.Central Market Kuala Lumpur

5.Taman Burung Kuala Lumpur

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